BETA Internship

At BETA, our mission is to equip believers with the resources necessary to fulfill their calling, to impart godly wisdom and understanding and to engage and build healthy relationships with those around us. We do this through hands on ministry training, discipleship courses and community outreach.

What Is BETA?

Beta means “first exposure,” or a nearly complete prototype of a product. Sometimes in a beta version of a product there are flaws, but it is a safe environment for the flaws to be addressed and resolved. If a flaw is discovered, the creator of the product is notified so that the problem can be fixed before the product is introduced to mass markets.

That analogy is applicable to our vision for a BETA intern. Think of BETA as your first step into ministry. You will be immersed into different aspects of what it’s like to run a ministry, and you may not feel successful at everything you are asked to do. The beautiful thing about BETA is that you are allowed to fail. We want to provide a safe environment for people who feel called by God to take deeper steps in their relationship with Him.

The overall goal of BETA is to instill vision for your life and relationships. You may make mistakes, but you will learn from those mistakes. You will be able to take what you have learned as you embark on the journey of life. It will not always be easy, but it will be an adventure.

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