Grow is the last step in Next Steps. As a follower of Jesus, we never stop growing and going deeper in our faith. Here are some ways we can help you grow in your relationship with God!

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Water Baptism is an important step in your faith journey. It symbolizes a washing away of your old life and the beginning of your new life in Christ. Baptism shows the world that you are ALL IN and as a church we celebrate Baptisms! We do Baptism services twice a year. The next Water Baptism service is April 7th at 10am.

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When you give to Refuge, you are investing in reaching our community and our world! We are passionate about going beyond just the four walls of our church to reach people and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Generosity is our privilege because Jesus was first generous towards us. We give because He gave!

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Share Your Story

We all have a story of what God has done in our lives and your story is important to us! When we share our story, we are sharing the goodness of God with other’s. Sharing your story can help someone else who is going through similar situations as you did. Whether you share your story with us, or choose to film a Testimony Video with Refuge Creative, it is so encouraging for us to see!

Now What?

Even though these are all of the Next Steps, we encourage you to keep growing and going to the places where God is calling you to go. Your Next Step is to help others by guiding them through their journey of Next Steps, and to always allow God to lead you and to go deeper in your faith each and every day. Your Next Steps journey never ends, but continues as you allow God to guide your life.