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What is the Community Picnic?

We are so excited for our Community Picnic this year! The Community Picnic is totally free to any one who would like a free lunch, fun games for kids and families, and different ways to connect with the community and our church family. You don't have to be a part of Refuge to come, any one from any background is welcome. 

When is the Community Picnic?

Sunday, August 5th at 11:30am.

We are kicking it all off with lunch and then the fun and games will ensue 

Where is the Community Picnic?

The Community Picnic will be held at Bukolt Park.

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Chicken Leg Cook - Off

Not only is the picnic going to be fun for the kids, but we wanted to make it a little interesting for the adults too. If you think you have the best recipe for chicken legs then this is the time to put it to the test. We will also be doing a cook off at the picnic! Please fill out the form below to enter and get more detailed instructions. Each entry with receive a gift card to compensate for the purchase of the chicken legs. 


Opportunities To Give Back

The focus of this picnic is community! There will be ways to give back to the community and have fun doing it. We will be helping local community organizations raise funds to give back to the people of Stevens Point.

Volleyball Tournament

This day is going to be packed full of exciting moments that you soon won't forget, including a volleyball tournament! Below, you can sign your team up. All participants must be ages 15+. Teams must have a minimum of four people and can have up to six. It is free to sign up and there will be an awesome grand prize! 

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Phone Number
It's okay if you don't have all you players confirmed, just let us know who you have so far!