Welcome Team

It is vitally important to us that every person who walks through our doors feels like they belong. It’s the Welcome Team’s responsibility to make sure that happens! They consist of Hosts, Greeters, Welcome Center Hosts, Kavas, and Parking Team.

Hosts are wearing the blue shirts in the auditorium. Their responsibility is to greet people, help them find seats as they are entering the auditorium, and assisting with passing offering buckets.

Greeters are some of the first people you see when you walk into Refuge! Greeters are holding signs either outside or inside welcoming people as they come in.

Welcome Center Hosts are wearing the blue shirts and located in the foyer. Their responsibility is to be at the Welcome Center before and after service to answer any questions people might have, sign people up for events, and give you more information about Refuge!

Kavas team helps make the delicious coffee and restocks all the yummy treats!

Parking Team helps during special events. They are outside to greet people and help them find a parking spot!

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