Welcome to Brunch Blog!

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We are so excited to launch Brunch Blog! Brunch Blog is our way of keeping in touch with you. We might not meet together every month, or even every other month, but we are going to do our best to fulfill the vision of Brunch - to relate, encourage, and grow.

We will be sending out emails every month with blogs attached that will inspire you on your journey, and whatever season you may be in we know that there is always something you can learn. We know life can get busy, but Brunch Blogs are designed to be quick, easy reads to give you a boost of encouragement throughout your day!

So, as for now, enjoy our first official blog, called Relate, Encourage, Grow, written by one of our favorites - Pastor Deb Mallek! Be sure to keep an eye out for fun blogs coming to your inbox every few weeks!

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