Free Indeed

By Robert Morris

7pm in the Refuge Green Room

Led by: Pastor Matt & Deb Mallek

Even though we've received new life and complete restoration through Jesus, we can still struggle in areas of life. This series will help teach us how to prevent the same cycles from repeating themselves and how to think differently that we did before we were introduced to the love of God.

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Childcare provided



By Christine Caine

7pm @ Judy Hill’s house

Led by: Dee Mallek

First class will begin October 10th (Wednesday) and will meet bi-weekly. Come to all and as many as you can!

In Unexpected, beloved author Christine Caine helps us walk into the life God has for us—unknowns and all. Using dramatic examples from her own journey, Christine offers real-life strategies and biblical inspiration to help us move from fear and worry about ourselves to hope and trust in God. As we learn new ways to manage disappointment, strengthen our hearts, and build our faith, we can enjoy a new adventure with God that is more fulfilling than any day we spend trying to anticipate what will happen next.

Stepping into our God-given destiny means stepping into the unknown, but we can embrace that calling because God knows it already. Nothing in our lives takes God by surprise. So even in the midst of personal upheaval, relational challenges, financial stresses, family transitions, career disappointments, and chaotic world affairs, we can expect God to be good and do good. What other expectation do we need to have? Listen to God’s dare to trust him in every unknown of your life today.

Childcare will be available at Refuge from 6:45-8:45 

Books can be purchased on Amazon for $14.00 

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